Saturday, April 4

And There Off!

This morning my sister and Alley left to go back home. last night we had such a wonderful time at Club Zoo. Me and sis went out and painted the place red. It was my first time clubbing with my sis and I must say, you have to carry a tazer to keep the boys off her.
Today, I met two of the funnest people I have met this whole trip. Danny and Ang. I met them at this great little sidewalk cafe in Soho. We had a wonderful conversation about life, love, and the persuit of happiness. Its so nice to be able to connect with people and share parts of your lives with one another. I have been so floored with all the people I have met and conversations I've had. When I leave here it will truely be as tho I am leaving a peice of me behind, and in return, I will take a peice of all that is Europe back with me. I feel so connected here. It's as if life exists on a completely different energy plane here. One which my body seems to be very receptive to. It will be very sad to leave but I bring back with me kind words, new experiences and hope from people all over the world. How powerful a feeling, to live first hand, the way the world views what was America, and what America can become. Im so very excited to be alive and aware at this vital and volitant time in History! Viva Humana!

Cheers all.
until next time.

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